Artwork Design Service

Artwork Design Service

What is the artwork design service?

Branded Festivals love bringing colour and vibrance to your event, fulfilling your branding requirements. Our aim is to make event planning as simple as possible for all our clients, starting with utilising our expertise in artwork creation for your branded items.

The first step of any branding is the design itself, for many of our clients this can be an uncomfortable stage if they lack confidence, expertise, or the finances to fulfil their branding potential. So, we offer a solution that assists our clients to commence their branding journey.

Our team have years of experience and understand how difficult branding is for those less graphically minded individuals, often volunteering their spare time in the committee or with the local sports club, to have the expertise or resources to generate a brand.

For just £50, we create your bespoke artwork, includeing 2 opportunities for amendments. The cost can be claimed back upon 

How Branded Festivals produce your bespoke artwork

Crucial to every collaboration with each client of Branded Festivals is great communication, keeping you involved every step of the way and involved so that your artwork is produced in a timely manner.

Having the artwork designed by us allows the transformation of the branding onto the Branded Festival items such as tickets, t-shirts, cups, banners, and all the other festival items we produce.

We work with many events, organisations, festivals, clubs and committees of all sizes; from small gatherings to huge sell out arenas right across the events industry.

Timeliness is crucial to reduce any anxiety and stress; we get the artwork designs back to you allowing more time for the planning of your potential wholesale order.

Our honest approach will help reduce any mistakes, using the latest trends and fashions regarding design and branding. Whether straightforward or a more complex design, nothing will be too much to ask for our team who love all the challenges within their roles and the variety of clients we work alongside.

There is no commitment or obligation whatsoever to use the artwork produced on our products, although we do of course hope that there is some genuine consideration.

What we need from you to begin your bespoke artwork creation?


Why we produce the artwork for our clients for such an absurdly low price?

The pricing for the service is not a money maker. The main reason is that as branding specialists, it makes us look better if we are printing better designs for our clients.

Our long-term approach to offer this service streamlines the process for our clients.

Reducing the need to shop around with various design agencies in advance, we then prepare the artwork in the correct formats and dimensions required for commercial reproduction of your bespoke branding.

From our years of working with festivals and events, greater branding ensures your events are more successful, appearing superior to your consumers and generating more revenue. More sales for our clients mean they appreciate our work more as we go the extra mile, and they return to us with future enquiries so we can flourish together.

Better Artwork | Better Printed Products | Happier Clients with Greater Sales & Growth | Increase in repeat orders


Printed Festival Cups

Why so many clients use the artwork service

Why we produce the artwork for our clients for such an absurdly low price?

Our experienced graphic design team are all highly qualified in the graphics design industry with 3rd tier education. The work is done by our internal team and they understand the nature of the events business.

This means we create artwork with the perfect dimensions, vibrancy and effects that are tailor made for the product(s) and locations they will be viewed in. Reducing any back and forth between ourselves and a third-party designer to correct any formatting and amendments.



In the very rare instance, you are not happy with anything about the bespoke artwork, politely advise the team and we will endeavour to make the changes to resolve this. Artwork is a subjective area but overall, we get very positive feedback. Each artwork creation has the opportunity for 2 sets of amendments included in the price.

Yes, the artwork is yours to own for any purpose other than for products that we sell. i.e. you are not permitted to submit our artwork to a competitor to purchase a similar product . We retain the rights to use it for our marketing and refernencing purposes without notice or approval. You can keep the files containing your design, they are yours to keep.

All the products on our Branded Festivals website are designed to be compatible with branding and your artwork can be applied to them. This may be in the form of one of our Branded Festivals bundles packages or it may be that you wish to get a certain set of products from us. We will be as flexible as possible

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