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Custom Branded Gazebo on High Street
A green Gazebo at an Event or Festival

Custom Branded Gazebos for Your Festival or Event

Effective branding is essential for any organisation or stall at an event, with competition fiercer than ever making your stall and gazebo stand out is not always easy. We cater for both corporate trade shows in sectors like sports, events and entertainments as well as directly at festivals, music events and local gatherings; to stand out at any of these is no easy feat. One crucial way of connecting with your target marker of customers is via the networking events and trade shows and having an eye catching bespoke printed or customised pop up tent and branded gazebo is the perfect way to welcome guests.

Printed Gazebos’ are 3m X 3m (10ft by 10ft) or 3m by 6m. All aspects can be printed inside and out. The gazebos are plain as standard, and we then apply your custom print to the walls and canopies.

Our talented designers can create the design and provide a free 3D visual. Just send us your logo or designs after checkout.

Corporate Branded Gazebo at a Festival
Custom Printed Gazebo and Table
A Black Branded Gazebo at a Event

Custom Branded Gazebos
Value Range From £414

A high impact branded gazebo suitable for festivals and events

With the option to print on both sides and multiple configurations these Custom Branded Gazebos are perfect for Festivals, Shows and Events. Choose your ideal combination of canopy and sides. Contact us for an artwork template or we can create an amazing design for you.


Custom Printed Gazebos
Premium Range from £566

Ideal for heavy frequent use these gazebos come with a stronger frame and premium fabric

For those attending shows and festivals on a regular basis choose one of our premium custom branded gazebos which are designed to last! 

Printed Gazebo for Festival

Branded Gazebos - How It Works

Order all of your festival and event merchandise in one place!

Custom Branded Festival Gazebos

When you are organising a major event such as a festival, you will want to make the best possible impression on everyone who sees your branding. We’re here to assist you with those needs here at Branded Festivals, drawing upon our years of experience and expertise in printed festival goods.

Choose Us as Your Premier Event Branding Partner

Effective branding is paramount for any organisation or stall participating in an event. In the midst of fierce competition, making your stall and gazebo stand out becomes a challenging task. Therefore, we cater to both corporate trade shows, such as those in sports, events, and entertainment, and direct engagements at festivals, music events, and local gatherings. Achieving prominence at any of these occasions is, undoubtedly, no easy feat.

Printed Gazebo for Festival

Forge Connections with Your Target Audience

 An eye-catching bespoke printed or customized pop-up tent and branded gazebo can captivate guests effectively. The Printed Gazebos, sized at 3m X 3m (10ft by 10ft) and 3m by 6m allow for comprehensive printing both inside and out.

As standard, the gazebos are plain; however, we then apply your custom print to the walls and canopies. Our talented designers can craft the design for you to approve. Simply send us your logo or designs after checkout. If your design is straightforward and the quantity you are ordering is low, our Vinyl Heat Press printing technique is ideal. Alternatively, our Digital Dye Sublimation print allows for more intricate designs.



Unlock the Potential of Branded Gazebos

A Standout Addition to Your Event

Pop-up printed gazebos and tents serve as standout additions to your outdoor event, festival, or party. They become focal points of the event, with personalised side panels setting them apart from regular plain gazebos. Our customised gazebo tents boast a 3 x 3m base once fully set up, with waterproof roofs available in four different colours: white, blue, red, or black.

The windproof synthetic material panels provide excellent protection from the elements. Sturdy foldable metal frames, along with lightweight materials and carry bags, ensure easy transportation between uses. Therefore, ordering a Gazebo can make your event truly unforgettable.

Promote Your Brand Effectively

Personalised printed gazebos are an excellent way to market your brand and encourage the public to explore your organisation’s offerings. Whether you are promoting a sports club or selling lager, cider, beer, or wine from a bar, or perhaps pizzas, burgers, cheese, cakes, or other delightful snacks from your stall, a custom gazebo’s design should be decorated and branded to attract and entice all those passers-by.




Ensuring Safety: Printed Gazebo Safety Guidance

While our Gazebos are robust, adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions is essential. Avoid using them on windy days. Additionally, we offer Gazebo Bases for added stability.

Gazebo Water Base Weight. 


About Us: Branded Festivals

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We’ve served large music festivals with over 80,000 attendees to local events with just a few hundred. Delivery* is Free of Charge* in most of the UK. Please inquire if you need a quote for Worldwide delivery.

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