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What is a partner?

Perhaps some of the most important relationships a solution provider like Branded Festivals has is with its partners. The right selection of partner will not only deliver the organisation fulfil all our clients’ orders at the right price, but also enables us to offer other critical services to help accelerate business.

It is imperative that the partners match our strive to perfection when it comes to printing or customising the branded products, packing, and delivering in a timely manner. The reason we work so well is the other services and intangibles that our partners have, with a total focus on customer care and technology.

Working with highly recommended partners who have been hand-picked with great reputations and undergone strict due diligence allowing us to offer a more diversified range of products and services outside of the core in house sales, graphics, printing and manufacturing that our organisation possesses.

Partner Opportunities

Branded Festivals are always eager to work with new partners to enable a more streamlined and better overall service for our clients.

If you think this applies to you then get in touch, you may see a gap in the market or alternative offering that would complement the current bundles we offer and enhance the already excellent and broad range of products and services we offer.

Manufacturing partners of specific products that are regularly consumed or purchased at events and festivals.

Logistics partners help organise the deliveries and lower costs to pass on to our clients.

HR partners in the right areas to help fill vacancies and improve the inhouse knowledge and expertise.

Accounts, Administrative, IT and Tech Partners – streamline and automate internal processes to facilitate faster turnaround of orders for lower prices.

Digital, Marketing and Sales Partners – new approaches to sales techniques and the promotion of our products and services are always welcome, as are the partners who can help us deliver them.

Innovative Partners – Branded Festivals prides itself on our continual development and ambition to improve. Our innovation partners are crucial to this evolution.

Event Partners – for all those event organisers we can save you thousands in costs as well as man hours by working with you across multiple events and sites to help deliver the products and services directly to your sites and take away the stress and hassle with dealing with so many individual suppliers.

Directory Partners – although we have some listing partners, they are a great source of enquiries for us, if you think you can work with us for mutual benefits then do not hesitate to reach out.

Consultancy Partners – some of our most exciting and beneficial partnerships have been with individual consultants who are such experts in their respective fields that we would be foolish to not contract them for internal projects.

Sales Partners – warm and cold leads, we love dealing with and discussing with potential clients and explaining to them what we do. Any sales partners who want to share resources with us then our door is always open for reselling opportunities or otherwise.

Promotional Goods Partners – although dealing with the events industry there are continually new and exciting products on the market, particularly with any green or environmental credentials or a USP that sets it apart from other regular products.

Digital Partners – in an increasingly competitive market, it is always important to stay one step ahead and our digital partners enable this for us.

International Partners – operating across United Kingdom and Ireland as well as servicing clients in and around mainland Europe, we are continually looking to expand geographically and

Festival and Event Partners – if you supply a service or product to festivals already on a smaller scale and would like to work with us and help you scale up then get in touch today.

Who are our partners?

We have many partners and are continually open to new suggestions and approaches. Some of our partners we have worked with for a long period of time and others who are recently onboarded. They may be innovative or specialise in a niche area that requires specialist skills or apply technology or have machinery that shared with us allows us to perhaps print to better definitions, in a more customised or personalised manner or in smaller quantities.

Sharing experiences and expertise with mutual collaboration has helped our organisation develop. Open dialogue and communication to apply the same customer focused goals. We have streamlined the service to offer high quality affordable branding of products that give a consistent and attractive designs for all our clients.

The benefits of being a partner

Risk Free with Absolutely 0 hidden costs involved

Timely and reliable payments

New revenue streams

Leads and Enquiries all qualified so no time wasters

Shared successes, it is in both our interests to mutually benefit and grow together

Potential Savings on direct marketing and customer acquisition

Opportunity to concentrate resources on your expertise

No 3rd party communications with clients and ease of transactions

Long term proven success

Higher sales and more revenue

Access to wider range of suppliers through our networks to work

Free membership to AFESC

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