Covid-19 Impact in Festivals

Covid-19 Impact on Festivals

The global pandemic has affected us all in many ways, particularly those in the festival industry including festival organisers or event directors and managers. Most summers they would be run of their feet, often juggling their regular full-time work with their life’s true passion and hobby, bringing great events to life across the UK for us all to enjoy each year.

As Branded Festivals have grown as an organisation, originally focusing on the reusable custom printed cups at events and diversifying with other commonly purchased printed items like banners, flags and gazebos; these clients who we work alongside each year have become much more than just faceless customers; we truly have a bond that is stronger than ever after the common struggles of 2020. Our team see them as friends and we gain great pride in seeing them develop, evolve and grow as they gain more experience and popularity across their various regions, whether they be in the Channel Islands, Highlands in Scotland or in one of our thriving multicultural cities of London, Birmingham or Branded Festivals’ home of Manchester.

Lakefest at Eastnor Castle Deer Park

It was with huge yet understandable sadness to see so much hard work and planning that our clients underwent earlier this year. None more so than Lee Martin and his Lakefest team who had invested countless hours to have to postpone Lakefest 2020 that was to be held at Eastnor Castle Deer Park.

Sacrificing time with loved ones, friends and family in the build up to events is par for the course for most organisers, only a select few get the fame and prestige of Michael Eavis CBE. Unlike many industries though the festival industry has a unique bond where there are friends and allies rather than competitors and enemies which makes it so much fun to be a part of.

Branded Festivals Cups and More

Every single organiser must go above and beyond in their continual quest to improve their events for the benefit of the audience, this is done for the love of the music and festival atmosphere. Many of the organisers we usually align with have unexpectedly found themselves with more time on their hands than usual and together we are bringing through positive changes.

Close dialogue that began well before any mention of a virus, meant that Branded Festivals were always aiming for a better understanding of event organisers’ needs, requirements, and obstacles. This brought us to where we are today, offering a market leading solution for all those involved with the event industry.

Working alongside Branded Festivals relieves the stressful aspect of getting the event merchandise and custom printed materials for any event, sports club, venue or public gathering with our solution-based approach.

Initially we identified the problem, this was the last minute ticket sales meant orders couldn’t be placed until as late as possible, then there was the issue of cost and finally the branding quality and inconsistency of items ordered as well as time the consuming nature of dealing with multiple suppliers.

We have created a portal where our clients need to only upload one piece of artwork and we take care of the rest. They can purchase one of our recommended bundles obtaining a huge discount to get the cheapest printed products such as hoodies, t-shirts, bracelets, and reusable cups available.

Truly unsung heroes, whether an event committee, event director or organiser, perhaps even a volunteer, there are too many to name all individually, but we hope that we work with you all again and together come back stronger. Often falling through the gaps of government grant and support, yet still incurring many ongoing costs no doubt, the future of so many of our great British festivals hangs in the balance.

Unbeatable Festival Printed Merchandise

This is why we are offering unbeatable prices on the printed products we offer to ensure that you can recover from this set back with us as we continue to light up our festivals with colours and smiles.


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