Printed Festival Glasses, what you need to know.

Printed Cups for Festivals

Printed Festival Glasses cost only a small amount to brand up. It makes perfect sense to use them for the marketing and promotion of your event or festival. Reusable Printed Cups are a fantastic branding and marketing opportunity and represent a good environmental alternative  to disposable Printed Pint Glasses. Lots of re-search has now been completed demonstrating the beneficial impact of using Printed Re-useable Glasses.

This is a general guide to printing plastic festival pint glasses or printed festival cups. The guide explains some of the options that may be available to you. As specialists in re-usable printed plastic glasses, offer help , hints and tips and are more than happy to share expertise with you discussing how to best to create the best Printed Glasses for your Festival.

Printed Pint Glasses
Printed Pint Glasses

What sizes are Printed Glasses for Festivals available in?

Printed Festival Glasses are typically available in all worldwide standard measurements. These can even be CE marked for European customers to ensure legal compliance. Popular dimensions for Printed Glasses are : 568ml Pint Printed Cups, Half Pint Printed Cups, Tumblers, Wine Glasses and Champagne Flutes.

Re-usable Pint Glass
Re-usable Pint Glass
Re-usable Pint Glass Option
Re-usable Pint Glass Option
Re-usable Wine Glass
Re-usable Wine Glass

Single Use Cups V Re-useable Printed Cups

A UK study on cups used in bars and festivals which was jointly produced by Hope Solutions and ZAP Concepts (UK & Ireland) stated that some 100 million+ plastic cups are used every year just in the UK festival industry. Imagine the impact worldwide? Most of this is sent to landfill. The research suggest that even when single use cups are recycled that they have a significantly higher impact on the environment. This is due to the cumulative impact of manufacturing, than reusable cups. Their research revealed that reusable plastic bar cups can be used 75+ times. Their assessment claims a benefit for the environment after less than 3 uses compared to disposable plastic cups.
See the full details here Here.

Reusable bar cups at festivals, stadiums and events have been popular across the globe for some time. In some areas of the world it is now legally required when holding an event. Re-usebale cups are becoming to be adopted more widely at events. Re-useable plastic glasses are a preferential alternative to disposable plastic cups as long as the are re-used at least 2.5 to 3 times. A number of studies have taken place on the subject, one which is very comprehensive is Here. This is a study by Planet Bluegrass whom took a good look at festival impacts and discovered that simply recycling wasn’t all that efficient. BrandedFestivals

Disposable Glasses, the problem.

Hope Solutions have carried out some interesting research which is worth a read. You can see it Here. This research shoes that there are over 7,000 outdoor events in the United Kingdom every year, with around 85 million collective attendees. It is estimated that over 100 million single use plastic cups are used and thrown away at events every year. The factsheet highlights that the sheer volume of disposable items has a huge environmental impact, whether that be from their manufacture or disposal.

Printed Festival Cups
Printed Festival Cups

Are re-useable cups better?

Single-use plastic glasses are typically one of the most significant sources of waste at events and festivals. In addition, festival goers seem to prefer drinking from more solid, shatter resistant reusable printed glasses compared to flexible disposable glasses. These  can easily split and deform in shape. They also represent a great alternative to glass glasses which are obviously a safety hazard in such places.

Getting the best value from printed plastic cups and glasses at your Festival

Ensure the cups and branding will be seen by users, otherwise it’s less effective. It’s good to consider the following points. Will you be wanting them to be seen by the press or on social media promoting your event and promoting your festivals environmental credentials? Is your logo or design consistent with your brand? Are the printed glasses to be taken home by users as a souvenir or memento of the occasion to ensure the cups help create lasting memories?

If you have got some ideas of what you would like your printed glasses to look like please speak to us and we will help put your idea and plan into place and achieve your goals.

Printed Pint Cups at a Festival
Printed Pint Cups at a Festival

Printed Festival Glasses – things to consider

What are the minimum quantities of Pint Cups?

If you have got anything printed before you will know that a significant proportion of the cost is in the set-up (origination). These are fixed costs that are the same regardless of whether you print one glass or one thousand glasses. In other words, economies of scale plays a big part and the more you get the cheaper the reusable cups are.

If you have multiple festivals and events during the year it is best to work out the total amount you will need. Once this is done get a quote for this. This will give you a guide as to how the cost will change and this will help you make the decision on the final quantity.  You can then consider cashflow, storage and other requirements to suit your needs.

Ordering smaller batches for delivery is less cost effective. BrandedFestivals will work to give you advice from many years in the industry to ensure your budget goes as far as possible.

Cups can be ordered in quantities as low as 50 reusable half pint cups or 50 pint cups without CE stamps. Alternatively, 125 half pints and 300 pint cups that do include the CE marking as well as pint lines.

What are the lead times?

Full colour IML (in-mould label) printed cups are printed at the point of manufacture. Cups are formed, printed, packed and despatched on a single robotised production line with minimal human intervention. The minimum order quantity begins at 900 units and the labels must be printed and cups allowed to cool slowly after manufacturing to ensure a perfect full colour and gloss finish.

Post manufacturing printing techniques that involve pad and screen printing are also available. These methods are typically more costly per a unit but these methods are also faster, more flexible. It is also the only way in which wine glasses can be printed. Generally around 15 working days are needed for an order of Printed Pint Glasses but can sometimes be delivered with shorter lead times.

How many colours?

Plastic glasses printed in one, two and three colours with silk screen printing or full colour in-mould label (IML) printing. Full colour can be referred to as ‘four colour’ because full colour uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (CMYK)

IML Printed Festival Glass
IML Printed Festival Glass

How many positions?

Do you want a logo or design printing on one side or both sides? Or do you want a continuous ‘full wrap’ print all around the glass? Factory-based printing machines used for IML printing can do all above for the same cost.However, post production printing like silk screen printing requires additional processes for each extra colour and position. Therefore, the more complicated the design with extra colours or positions, the higher the unit cost.

How many glasses am I going to need for my Festival?

This can be difficult so let us know the highest, lowest and an average if that is easier. We have lots of experience, if you know the  number of visitors you are expecting we can help you work out how many printed glasses you will need.

What style of cup or glass wanted?

Consider shape and size, Printed Pints, Printed Half Pints, Printed Tumblers or Printed Wine Glasses. 12oz Cups, 14oz Cups, 16oz Cups or 20oz Cups.

Pint Festival Glass
Pint Festival Glass

Does the venue have any rules on materials that must be observed?

Some venues will not allow glass cups on the premises as they pose a Health and Safety risk if they shatter. Re-useable Printed Plastic Glasses offer a great alternative to this as they are much safer and still give a great drinking experience.

On what day do my printed glasses need to be delivered?

Very important to ensure we have enough time to meet any deadlines.

 Where get I find help regarding the artwork?

We can advise on artwork and ask for it to be in high enough resolution so that when wrapped around the cup the quality is still high.

If possible, a layered or vectored format design is best. We will always produce an on screen visual for approval before any cups go to print.

Things to think about the delivery of Printed Glasses for Festivals?

Timed deliveries and restricted access if there is a high volume of cups being delivered, these things can easily be overlooked. Fork lift trucks may be required on site or a delivery vehicle with a tail lift.

Guidance for your Printed Glasses?

We hope you have found this guide of great use. If we can help further, please feel free to call us. We are happy to help +44161 4456867 or +447925090531. We are available 24/7 via email on

Festival Glasses
Festival Glasses
Printing Options : 1 Colour | 2 Colour | Full Colour ( IML ) | Full Wrap Around

We use eco-friendly ink and the cups are made from polypropylene plastic (PP). We can print your logo or be-spoke design on the cups. We have supplied Festivals, Stadiums and Events large and small and we can also offer cup washing facilities for larger events.


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Regular plastic doesn't degrade for many years and bio-degradable plastic is crushed so tightly that it doesn't come into contact with enough air and water to degradeand either.

At Branded Festivals we have already contributed to huge reductions with our customers using reusable cups and glasses rather than single use cups at Festivals and Events. We have supplied many Festivals and Events large and small with our cups.


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