Stacking Water Base

Our Stackable Water Bases can be used with our Printed Archway and Printed Flags for extra stability.

Each base weighs 5kg, when filled to their 26 litre capacity the weight will be 30.4kg.

The bases are great for both indoor and outdoor use, being made from high density Polyethylene.

1 - 5£55.00 Available

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We recommend our Stacking Water Bases for use with our printed Arch Flags however they can also be used with all of our Printed Flags, with an impressive capacity of 26 litres.

The weight of the base when filled with water is 30.4kg.

Up to 3 bases can be stacked, giving a maximum weight of 91.2kg.


Weight: 5kg

Height: 227mm

Width: 642mm

Depth: 642mm

We recommend a small water base or large cross base for small and medium flags and a large water base for other sizes.

 Stacking bases are compatible with any flag, we recommend them for our Archway flags.

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