We have developed a network of trusted suppliers and are delighted to be able to help all our clients with cost saving and trusted recommendations in all the crucial sectors to ensure their events operate as smoothly as possible and they are in the capable hands of experienced professionals.

We offer a range of services to make all festival organisers and event directors’ preparation, organising and running of their events as affordable, smooth and simple as possible.

By partnering with several specialists’ suppliers in the critical and key services required for hosting events including event security, hygiene, power and production equipment, Branded Festivals are a one stop shop for all festival needs. All our recommended suppliers have undergone due diligence and have years of experience in the events industry to ensure they serve our clients with the exemplary standards we set.

Personal service that is affordable, bespoke to the client and offers a user-friendly journey to accompany the range of branded and practical products for your festivals and events.

As well as branded garments, bar products and signage and marketing material, we are now offering hands on services including security staffing and fencing, stage hire, sound and lighting equipment, high end glamping, toilet and power or sanitary hire facilities and event insurance.

The services we are now delighted to assist with are broken down below in greater details and once we know which you are interested in we will then make the introductions to facilitate everything.

Our customer care team will ensure you are taken care of and have your needs and requirements met as best as possible by these specialist providers. Branded Festivals is in no way affiliated to these organisations and you are under no pressure to proceed with purchasing their services.

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