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We find that it is better for our clients to purchase items as bundles that save them time and money with a lovely affordable and cheaply priced selection of items that meet their needs. So we created the following 3 bundles to allow for a speedy order for those organising festivals, parties, sports events, exhibitions, corporate conventions and gatherings. We selected our most popular branded festival items including branded reusable cups, printed banners, printed t-shirts and customised hoodies as well as branded event bracelets that feature in all our bundle packages. The popular and premier packs also include items such as bespoke printed lanyards, cap and beanie printed hats, polo shirts and personalised high viz safety vests as well as our printed gazebo tents.

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Our Branded Value Bundles

From £2.05 per guest
Save 5% 

500 Printed re-useable pint cups 
(1 Colour)

1 Printed 2m by 1m banner 

50 Printed T-shirts

10 Printed hoodies

500 Bracelets with security seal

From £3.50 per guest
Save 7.5%

500 Printed re-useable pint cups
(Full Colour)

2 Printed 2m by 1m banners 

50 Printed T-shirts

25 Printed hoodies

50 Beanie hats

25 Polo shirts

500 Bracelets with metal seal

From £5.99 per guest
Save 10%

500 Printed re-useable pint cups
(Full Colour)

250 Printed re-useable half pint cups (Full Colour)

500 Printed Festival lanyards

3 Printed 2m by 1m banners 

100 Printed T-shirts

50 Printed 5 panel hats

25 Hoodies

25 Polo Shirts

500 Bracelets with metal seal

1 Printed White Gazebo with Printed Wall
50 Hi-viz printed vests

Or make your own and pick from our extensive range of merchandise using our Festival Shopping List

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