Festival Bundle Popular Pack extra £160 saving at only £3.50 per guest

Popular Pack includes event bracelets, printed re-usable cups, banners, printed t-shirts, printed polo shirt, beanie hats and hooded sweatshirts. All bundle products will come fully branded with your bespoke printed logo.

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Festival Bundle – Popular Pack

All the printed merchandise you need to get your event, festival or sports club up and running, a carefully selected range of essential products that will promote your brand and event whilst giving you a fantastic return on your investment. Starter Pack includes event bracelets, Printed Re-usable Cups, posters and flyers, banners, printed t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts. All bundle products will come fully branded with your bespoke printed logo.

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500 Visitors = 1 Bundle

This is our standard printed bundle starter pack. Ideal for those with limited budgets particularly with smaller events where every penny counts. Purchasing a Branded Festivals bundle is the most cost effective way of generating brand awareness for your event at an affordable price with a range of products that you won’t find anywhere else. Our team of customer care agents are on hand to help you along the way and with their years of experience you can be confident you are are in safe hands.

Having worked in the event industry ourselves, we know how difficult it can be with so many aspects to plan and organise. That’s why we created this quick and user friendly starter pack bundle to take the pressure off event organisers. When it comes to event branding, nobody does it quite like us, we love taking care of your branding and event promotion needs. This allows more time for concentrating on the lineups, logistics, ticket sales, staffing, health and safety to give your event that perfect platform for success.

All technical and delivery fees included means there are no hidden costs and makes the finances of planning your event budget much more convenient. Saving on costs, hassle and time by purchasing the starter pack will leave you with one question… “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Coming with a range of marketing material such as bespoke printed banners and flyers, Eco-friendly reusable pint cups and branded apparel for your event in the form of t-shirts and hoodies, you are sure to leave a lasting impression for your attendees and create a real buzz with everyone wanting to return for more next time around.

We also have further products available should you wish and one of our team will be more than happy to assist if you fill in the contact form below.

1 Bundle = 500 Visitors


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